Injuries are the number one killer of our children over the age of 1 one of the leading causes of death over all age groups. In an effort to provide the emergency nurses in Oregon resources to place in ED exam rooms we shall publish pamphlets and resources in our newsletter and on our web sites. Please feel free to copy these, hand them out to your patients and families, and place them in ED exam rooms and waiting rooms. Use them for Safety days at your facilities, schools and places of worship.

The first of these is on Car Seats for our children.
Idaho Emergency Nurses Association would like to help you keep your precious ones safe

Used Car Seat Safety Checklist

If you are considering using a second-hand car seat, use the checklist below. If you can check off each one of these statements, then the second-hand seat may be okay to use.

Second-Hand Check Off:

  • The seat has never been involved in a moderate to severe crash.
  • The seat has labels stating date of manufacture and model number. You need this information to find out if there is a recall on the car seat or if the seat is too old.
  • The seat has no recalls. If you do find a recall on the car seat, you should contact the manufacturer as some problems can be fixed.
  • The seat has all its parts. If the seat is missing a part, contact the manufacturer as some parts can be ordered.
  • The seat has its instruction book. You can also order the instruction manual from the manufacturer.

Car Seat Use After a Crash

NHTSA recommends that car seats be replaced following a moderate or severe crash in order to ensure a continued high level of crash protection for child passengers. Car seats do not automatically need to be replaced following a minor crash.

What defines a minor crash? A minor crash is one in which ALL of the following apply:

  • The vehicle was able to be driven away from the crash site.
  • The vehicle door nearest the car seat was not damaged.
  • None of the passengers in the vehicle sustained any injuries in the crash.
  • If the vehicle has air bags, the air bags did not deploy during the crash; and
  • There is no visible damage to the car seat.

NEVER use a car seat that has been involved in a moderate to severe crash. Always follow manufacturer's instructions.