The mission of the Emergency Nurses Association is to advocate for patient safety and excellence in emergency nursing practice. 


The trained Nurse has become one of the great blessings of humanity, taking a place beside the Physician and the Priest

— William Osler


WE have five delegates going to St Louis!


We are excited to go as a group and represent Idaho! We have one delegate that is new to the process and excited to become more involved. We look forward to attending and reporting back to those that are unable to make the conference. 

You still have time to sign up and attend the conference. July 31 is the deadline for the reduced rate. Come meet us in St. Louis!!


Our members make a difference

BOISE - It's not every day that the president and CEO of your company sneaks up on you with a surprise. But that's exactly what happened to an ER nurse at St. Luke's.

Nurse Meghan Caraballo thought it was just a regular day in the emergency room. That is, until she got a visit from her boss, Dr. David Pate.

"I was notified by her supervisor that we had a patient come to the ER after his apartment burned down," Pate said. "He was checked out and he was going to return home... but he didn't have shoes, so our nurse gave him her shoes."

Meghan gave her patient the shoes right off her feet.

"So today, because of that extraordinary act of compassion and kindness, we're going to surprise her with a gift," Pate said.

The gift? A brand new pair of shoes and a gift card for a backup pair in case Meghan gives her shoes away again.

"Thanks for what you do," Pate told the nurse. "Thanks for that caring and compassion."

Meghan wasn't expecting the recognition, but is thankful for it.

"I just kinda gave the guy my shoes to help him out in a situation," she said. "I have plenty of shoes, he didn't have anything. I didn't want to send him home empty handed."

Meghan also mentioned something special that came from Dr. Pate just days before the shoe surprise.

"I received a letter in the mail from him earlier this week and I think that was very touching," she said. "I'm not going to lie, I called my mom and dad and told them what happened."

"It's weird that this happened to me because I think anyone here at St Luke's would have done it themselves," added Meghan. "It's just mine got caught."

Pate says he knows his employees are top-notch.

"I am reminded every day of the extraordinary employees and physicians we have," he said. "I could tell you a million of these stories. It's really our people that make St Luke's what it is."

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